Tasting Room

Calling all wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in an indulgent wine tasting experience.

Join us in our exclusive tasting room that will bring the boutique vineyard experience closer to you.  We strive to bring the love of wine and the good life, through daily wine tastings and pairings. 

Our Tasting Room provides the perfect setting to sit back and immerse yourself on the indulgent flavours of our boutique wines in a private wine tasting and pairing for individuals or groups in a cosy environment with spectacular views.

Offering you a wide range of wine, port and champagne tastings and pairing experiences.  These are offered daily by bookings. And tastings are hosted on specific dates and occasions only.  Some of our popular pairings:

Pinotage evening tastings Winter warmer port evenings                     

Bubbles and oysters … just because you deserve it!

Seafood and wine pairing … for the love of seafood.

Cheese and wine pairing … the traditional favourite!

Wine and chocolate pairing … because no one says no to chocolate!                       

Wine and nougat pairing

Wine and biltong pairing

MCC Bubbles and Macarons

Wine and slider pairing

Blind wine tasting … for the adventurous                   

Wine and pizza pairing

Tickets are extremely limited, so make sure to gather your friends and family and book early!